Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arena of Khaboom - L1-4 Opponents

Just to give you a look at what's coming...

Level 1   Level 2    Level 3               Level 4

  1. Goblin             1.   Bogeyman             1.   Ogre                      1.   Rock troll
  2. Skeleton          2.   Hobgoblin             2.   Minotaur               2.   Yeti
  3. Kobold            3.   Hippogriff             3.   Ice giant                3.   Fire giant
  4. Uruk                4.   Centaur                 4.   Manticore              4.   Wyvern
  5. Ratling            5.   Fire Snail               5.   Crok-uruk              5.   Jub-jub bird
  6. Glob                6.   Imp                        6.   Satyr                      6.   Clay golem
  7. Gremlin           7.   Lizardman             7.   Griffin                   7.   Lamia
  8. Living Statue  8.   Gargoyle               8.   Shadowjack          8.   Fire demon
  9. Barbarian         9.   Harpy                    9.   Medusa                 9.   Cockatrice
  10. Warg               10. Zombie                  10. Ghoul                    10. Wraith
  11. Ghost              11. Knight                   11. Archer                   11. Assassin
  12. Witch              12. Wizard                  12. Witch                    12. Wizard

Levels 5 and 6 soon!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Charlie's Diary of a Cosmic Mage

The Diary of a Cosmic Mage

Day 1: An elf came to visit me today. He had a book that he didn’t want any one to read any more because it appaarently had some information in it that would help lead the way to almost unlimited power.
           I charged 100Gps for a blank book spell for each 6 pages of book that I enchanted. He grudgingly agreed. There were 50 pages in the book so I charged 750Gps (discounted because of the size of the book).

Day 2: Today a leprechaun came to me wanting to play a practical joke on a hobbit at his birthday party. I suggested the spell “Fart”. He thought that was a good idea.
            I charged 20Gps for the spell. He amzingly agreed. So I went with him to the party, and when the moment was right I cast the spell.
          I heard a loud farting sound. He jumped and looked round very surprised.

Day 3: Today a party of adventurers invited me to come on an adventure with them. It took A LOT of persuading but I finally agreed to come with them.

Day 4: It turns out that this party is working for the Mayor of Khaboom. First there was a centaur named “Gustoudo”. Then an elf called “Trenifer Nicklo”. Then a human called “Han Yuckliner”. And last, a dwarf called “Ugraph Kickster”.
          They are helping take out a very powerful liche lord that lives at the bottom level of a dungeon. Personaly, I think it would be a better idea to make friends with this liche lord.

Day 4: Gustoudo seems nice enough.
Han is alright but I’ve never been too keen on people like him.
 Ugraph seems alright but he isn’t the most thoughtful person, takeing most of the food he has for himself and not sharing.
Trenifer is probably the kindest. She is a high ranking witch, so she understands what I like doing and is very respectful of what I do. I just hope I’m able to repay this somehow.

Day 5: We have just arrived at the entrance of this liche lord’s “dungeon” it was swarming with “good” kindreds. A man in blue robes came out to greet us. He was a nice fellow busy most of the time but that was understandable seeing as he was one of the Mayor’s chief advisors.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Arena of Khaboom - A Bestiary and Combat Manual

I have just 4 opponents to write up of the imposing list of 72 that sat before me way back when.

The current Arena opponent under the microscope is the mighty roc.

The roc actually made it in history at least as far as Noah's ark:

All feathered things yet ever knowne to men,
From the huge Rucke, unto the little Wren;
From Forrest, Fields, from Rivers and from Pons,
All that have webs, or cloven-footed ones;
To the Grand Arke, together friendly came,
Whose severall species were too long to name.

 Both Marco Polo’s Book of Travels and the Arabian Nights described the roc, the mythological bird of Arabia. Marko Polo describes rocs living in Madagascar, and envoys from Madagascar present the great Khan of Cathay with a roc feather. In fact Madagascar was the home of a gigantic bird the Aepyornis maximus or elephant bird. This bird may not have become extinct until the sixteenth century. While huge like the roc, this bird was not able to fly.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Blank Canvas

The 'Slay the Dragon on Level 2' campaign ended last Friday and a new game beckons today. I feel the call of the ocean - pirates and islands, I think. Time to research carracks and cogs, captains and crew and to invent an archipelego.

Good job I've been on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride recently!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Solar System

After working hard at understanding photons, their origins and who they are made, we resorted to an old topic.

Once, Trollworld was part of our solar system. Then it got swapped for the planet Uranus.

Uranus had been sitting comfortably in another system, along with his sibling planets Myanus, Heranus, Hisanus, Itsanus, Ouranus and Theiranus.

All the planets except Trollworld are gas giants.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Magic City Mayor

You can buy issue one at DriveThru and at Lulu.

The main characters are:

The Mayor of Khaboom, elected and all democratically sound but troubled by the workings of the Wizards' Guild and now faced with a population explosion following a peace treaty with the Goblin King

House Elf, not an elf but a human advisor to the Mayor not much loved by the Guild

Samos Treek , a speedster who loves bearing bad news

Hildan Urvill, the Mayor's deputy who has just discovered sex and now wants to be no.1

Murgatroyd, the Mayor's right hand warrior bodyguard, who goes mad in a Jason and Medea fashion after discovering his wife's infidelity

An (as yet) unnamed minotaur who likes rampaging

The Goblin King, pretty confused at the cards fate has just dealt him and having to deal with segregation policies

An (as yet) unnamed demon, stirring up discontent and looking all too much like a goblin

The Khaboom people, moaning, oscilating and unhappy with the immigrants

The Wizards' Guild, just being capricious and machiavelian as ever

Mrs Miggins, House Elf's cook and the best pie maker in town

Issue 2 is in production :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

All At Sea (what thing lurks within the deep fathoms, unbeknownst to men?)

Over at the Outer Sanctum, a game is a foot. The circus is at sea.

I found this on the web which may flavour the broth:

Sea Monsters From A to Z!
Art by Georgi Markov. (Check end of the post for a link to his whole portfolio)
Welcome to Sea Monster Week on! In honor of the launch of Shark Week over on the Discovery Channel, we’ve decided to dive into the world of some of our favorite creatures ever with articles, book excerpts and more.
But just what is a “sea monster” anyway? Well, we’ve given ourselves a pretty broad definition to work with. Here’s the Stubby the Rocket definition:
Sea Monster (noun): Any sufficiently awesome water-dwelling creature that we perceive as being monstrously cool.
So, with that in mind, prepare yourself for the greatest A-Z list of sea monsters ever compiled, just below the surface of this blog.
The Architeuthis attacks a sperm whale in the Natural History Museum
Abe Sapien (Hellboy): An icthyo sapien, transformed as the result of a strange ritual.
Aquaman (DC Comics): Sovereign of the sea who can breathe underwater and can communicate with sea creatures (either in their own language or telepathically—pretty cool either way).
Afanc (Welsh Mythology): A lake monster who is sort of like a crocodile, beaver or a dwarf.
Architeuthis (Real Life): A giant squid.
Aspidochelone (Medieval Bestiaries): A gargantuan whale or sea turtle that would trick sailors to landing on its back, then drown them. Snap.

Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish
Battletoads (Battletoads): Toads who do battle.
Beisht Kione (Irish Mythology): Fishermen are afraid of this thing. Its name means “The Beast With a Black Head.“
Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish (The Simpsons): A fish with three eyes, mutated by radiation.
Bloop (Real Life): Mysterious, extremely powerful, ultra-low frequency sound detected by NOAA. No one knows where it comes from. Probably a monster.

Cthulhu Rising by somniturne on deviantART
Capricorn (The Zodiac): A goat with a fish’s tail.
Carcharodon Megalodon (Prehistoric Times): A giant shark that lived in the Cenozoic Era.
Cetus (Greek mythology/constellation): Most of the sea monsters taken out by Heracles and Perseus were referred to as “Cetus,” which could mean an extraordinarily big fish, shark or sea monster.
Champ (Cryptozoology) The name given to the legendary lake monster which supposedly resides in Lake Champlain, located along the Vermont-New York-Canadian borders.
Charybdis (The Odyssey): Basically a giant whirlpool (or monster who causes massive whirlpools) designed to screw over Odysseus.
Chessie (Cryptozoology): Like Nessie, only in the Chesapeake Bay.
Clover (Cloverfield): A weird rip-off of Godzilla that stomps out of the ocean.
Creature from the Black Lagoon (Creature from the Black Lagoon): A Gill-Man who only wants to be left alone.
Crocosaurus (Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus) A large, dinosaur-like crocodile.
Cthulhu (H.P. Lovecraft): One of the Great Old Ones. Part octopus, part human, part dragon, all badass. Watch out.

Dianoga Trash Monster (Star Wars): A thing with one eye that pokes out of trash pools but has lots of tentacles below the surface.
Dinoshark (Up From the Depths): Pretty much a shark who is from the Mesozoic Era and enjoys chomping and has a toothy dinosaur face.
The Dobhar-chú (Irish Folklore): Monstruous water hound—a dog/otter combo thing which some people claim to have actually seen.
The Terrible Dogfish (Le avventure di Pinocchio): In the book, the thing that swallows Pinocchio. Called “Monstro” in the Disney movie (where it’s more of a whale).

Elephant koi
Elephant koi (Avatar: The Last Airbender): Giant fish that are fun to ride.

Fiji Mermaid
Fiji Mermaid (Real life): A sideshow creation consisting of the top half of monkey and the lower half of a fish.

Giganto (Marvel Comics): An enemy of The Fantastic Four.
Globster (Real Life/Cryptozoology): A combination of the words “glob” and “monster.” Weird organic masses that wash ashore and can’t be identified as the carcass of any known animal.
Godzilla/Gojira (Gojira, et. al): A prehistoric monster who was sleeping underwater until he was rudely awakened by nuclear testing.
Grindylows (English folklore) Best known for grabbing children from the edge of lakes and ponds; in the Harry Potter series, they appear as small, horned water demons.
Gunakadeit (Tlingit Myth): A sea monster who brought a starving village good luck and prosperity.
Gungans (Star Wars): Amphibian residents of the planet Naboo. Everyone is smarter than them.

Hippocamp by Who Stole My Name on deviantArt
Hippocamp (Greek Mythology): A sea horsie!
Hydra (Greek Mythology/Real Life): The Lernaean hydra was a many-headed, serpent-like beast killed by Heracles. Also a genus of tiny, predatory, fresh-water animals with regenerative abilities.

Detail of Iku Turos II by Nuctameron on deviantArt
Iku-Turso (Finnish): Total jerk of a sea monster. Terrifying. Sometimes mentioned as the god of diseases and/or war in Finnish mythology.

Spielberg and Jaws
Jaguar Shark (The Life Aquatic) Murder of Esteban. Enemy of Steve Zissou. It remembers you.
Jaws (Jaws): Though it doesn’t technically have a name, we call it Jaws. Smile, you son of a b*tch.
Jonah’s Whale (Bible): Big whale that likes to swallow dudes up.
Jörmungandr (Norse Mythology): AKA, the Midgard Serpent, offspring of Loki and Angrboða and archnemesis of Thor. When he lets go of his own tail the world will end.

The Kraken. Totally released.
Kappa (Japanese Folklore): A water sprite. Sometimes hairy.
Kelpie (Celtic Mythology): A water horse with ghostly trappings. Sometimes appears as a beautiful woman. Not to be trusted.
Koizilla (Avatar: the Last Airbender): At the end of season 1, Aang fuses with La, the Ocean Spirit to become Koizilla: the wrath of the ocean embodied in awesome fish-monster form.
Kraken (Greek Mythology. Also, real life.): Sometimes referred to as the giant squid. But also a thing released in Clash of the Titans. (Don’t release it!)

The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)
Land Shark (Saturday Night Live): A deadly creature that will get into your apartment and eat you no problem.

The Lady in the Lake (Arthurian legend): Strange woman best known for lying in ponds, distributing swords. Also, author Raymond Chandler’s drag name.
Leviathan (The Bible): The Original Biblical Sea Monster. Hangs out near the Hellmouth.
Lion Turtle (Avatar: the Last Airbender): Giant, ancient, looks like an island, gives pretty great advice.
The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Andersen/Disney): The heroine of one of Andersen’s most beloved tales, the Little Mermaid falls in love with a human prince, and...well, the Disney version is much less complicated. Very big in Copenhagen.
Lobstrosity (The Dark Tower):  More like beach monsters than sea monsters, these things are scorpion/lobster mash-ups.
Loch Ness Monster (Real Life?/Cryptozoology):  A possible plesiosaur rumored to be living in the Loch Ness in Scotland. Often called “Nessie.” Dislikes American Idol.
Lusca (Real Life?): Caribbean sea monster. Associated with globsters. (Not with Johnny Depp).

A rare sighting of the creature know as Michael Phelps
Makara (Hindu Mythology): Any creature that is half land animal on top with the bottom half of an acquatic creature; so: person + seal, or wildebeest + whale. Makara!
Marsh-wiggle (Narnia Chronicles): Extremely private, pessimistic humanoid creatures that live in the marshes of Narnia. 
Mega Shark (Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus): A large Shark who is the sworn enemy of Giant Octopus, Crocosaurus and good taste.
Melusine (European Folklore): Female spirit who hangs out in springs and rivers. Kind of like a mermaid.
Merpeople (Folklore from All Over): People who live in the water. Often they have fish tails. 
Michael Phelps (Real Life?): Humanoid able to travel amazing speeds in the water. Resides only in human-constructed bodies of water. 
Moby Dick (Moby Dick): A misunderstood white whale who only wants to give Captain Ahab a love tap.
Mokèlé-Mbèmbé (Congo Legend): A water-based creature from the Congo River basin that some people believe to be a dinosaur.
Morgawr (Cryptozoology/Real Life?): Supposedly, this sea monster lives in Falmouth Bay in Cornwall.

Naiads of the Sea by Gustave Dore
Naiads (Greek Mythology): Nymphs who live in streams, wells, brooks and other small bodies of water. Generally nudists.
NTIs (The Abyss): The shiny underwater aliens (or “Non-terrestrial Intelligence”) encountered in The Abyss.

Ogopogo (Cryptozoology/Real Life?) A  monster living in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, CA. Has perhaps been around since the 19th century. Beautiful singing voice.
Orca (Orca): A killer whale on a vengeance-fueled rampage.

Piranhaconda (Piranhaconda): Exactly what it sounds like. A giant snake merged with a piranha. There were actually two of them in the movie.
Poseidon (Greek Mythology): Poseidon was very big in old Greece. Big time sea god. Went under the name Neptune when he was laying low.
Proteus (Greek Mythology): An early sea god. Homer called him the ”Old Man of the Sea.“ (But never “Papa.”)

Qalupalik detail by joy-ang on deviantArt
Qalupalik (Inuit Mythology): Lives in the sea. Green skin and long creepy fingernails.

The fog horn brought it out of the sea.
The Rainbow Fish (Hinduism): This whale-sized fish ate Vishnu once. It’s scales were made of fire, ice, grass, and lightning.
Rhedosaurus, the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, “The Fog Horn”): A dinosaur who rises up out of the sea and trashes a lighthouse, in Bradbury’s story; in the film version, he pretty much trashes the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S.
Rock Lobster (The B-52’s): Watch out for these guys. They hang out with sea robins, piranhas, narwhals and bikini whales.
Rusalka (Slavic Mythology): An underwater succubus demon. Bad news.

Sharktopus enraged
Saturnynians (Doctor Who): Fish from Space. Occasionally buxom.
Scylla (Greek Myth): Lived across the way from Charybdis. Had four eyes, six necks and twelve tentacle-legs, with a cat’s tale and a bunch of dog-heads around her waist. Not to be messed with.
Sea Hag (Popeye): A sea witch with a weird, unrequited crush on Popeye the Sailor.
Selkies (Irish, Icelandic, Faroese, and Scottish Folklore): Two for the price of one! Seals in the sea, humans on land. Whoa.
Sharktopus (Sharktopus): Genetically engineered half-shark, half-octopus. Has its own theme song. Is the best.
Sigmund (Sigmund and the Sea Monsters): Friendly sea monster shunned by his family for refusing to frighten humans, star of trippy, puppet-centric 70s TV show created by Sid and Marty Krofft.
Sirens (Greek Mythology, Starbucks Coffee): Sea-dwelling singers of deadly songs that lure sailors to their doom. Also, apparently a symbol of being overly-caffeinated.
Snorks (Hanna-Barbera) Underwater knock-offs of The Smurfs. Hated by all. Do not, under any circumstances, “come swim with the Snorks.”
Supergator (Dinocroc Vs. Supergator): A gator who is super. Causes destruction.

A Tlanusi’ yi giant leech about to suck this guy.
Tiamat (Babylonian Mythology): Primordial ocean/chaos monster who created the cosmos by mating with the god of fresh water.
Tlanusi (Cherokee Legend): A giant, river-dwelling leech.
Triton (Greek Mythology): Poseidon’s son. (And the Little Mermaid’s dad).

Ursula at her most sea-monsterest
Umibōzu (Japanese Legend, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers): If you talk to one of these guys, they’ll tip your ship over. Just for fun.
Unagi (Avatar: The Last Airbender): Gigantic carnivorous eel encountered by Team Avatar off Kyoshi Island; feeds on elephant koi and anything else that gets in its way.
Ursula the Sea Witch (Disney): Loves poor, unfortunate souls. Part person, part octopus. Steals voices/souls. Extremely sassy.

Vampire squid
Vampire squid (Real life): A squid that just looks super scary, with red eyes and a “cloak” of webbing connecting its arms; its Latin name, “Vampyroteuthis infernalis,” literally means “vampire squid from Hell.”

A Star Whale with Starship U.K. on its back.
Whales (Star) (Doctor Who): Poor creatures who travel through space and randomly have obnoxious humans build spaceships on their backs.
Watcher in the Water (Lord of the Rings): In The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo and his companions are attacked by this tentacled creature, which lurks in the lake outside the mines of Moria.
Xenomorphs underwater
Xenomorph (acquatic variety, Alien: Resurrection): Aliens that reproduce by implanting in humans and popping out of their chests. They are relentless underwater, like a toothy, acid-blooded Esther Williams.

An early drawing of a Yacu-mama
Yacu-mama (South American Mythology): Giant water snake, lives in the Amazon. Will eat anything that gets close to it.

A Zin. Artist unknown.
Zin (West African Foklore:) Malevolent water spirits that live in the Niger River.