Sunday, September 14, 2014

Powered Up Power Trip

So Sunday's game saw one player missing but new players meant a group of 9 to GM. This is largely a D&D crew but the T&T saving rolls are flying now with doubles causing big excitement. The 'buckets of dice' syndrome only got to the scale of 6d6 for hand blasters and the tallying of those cubes again produced more excitement than the 1 dice damage did in TOG rules.

The changes I have made to PT basic rules are:

1) everyone gets to claim a super power and it is tagged to one attribute

2) when you do something stunning using your SP you get a plus 1 on your SP to add into future SRs for SP-related actions only

3) No WIZ but PSI instead (otherwise per 7.5 T&T)

I intend to grant a second SP when +10 is reached on the first SP.

9 players worked like a dream! One died but was flipped back in time with a big SR by Tommy Two Times; another lost a hand when a blaster exploded on a critical fumble but a PC with the SP of conjuring living chocolate gave him a working new hand with a 1 in 7,680 saving roll of 1,1,  1,1,  2,2  4,4, 5,5 then (finally) a non-double. My Mediborg wildcard (his programming had been tampered with) got destroyed so I need to dream a new NPC to fox them.

Oh, and they rather prefer LK to Wisdom - very sound.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday's Child Has Far To Go

I downloaded a browsed through the TOG new basic rules. Wow! You don't need a board and miniatures now. That's a step in the right direction. Too many rules, too many tables, too many reasons not to play. I looked hard for humour but couldn't find any... is it against the rules? Maybe it just washes over my head.

You need three games mechanics for a fantasy RPG: combat, saves and magic.

The bucket of dice plus saving roll stunts beats the 'you missed, he missed, I missed, they missed, we all missed, oh! I hit - lose 1 hit point' mechanic (I think).

You have to pile in a lot of modifiers to make that d20 perform the heroic deeds a pair of d6 turn out everyday (I think).

Wizards who can do bugger all are boring liabilities and spells with names that make you smile put plenty of gas in the tank (I think).

Oh well. Now we know and that's sorted.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Monday Message

GM'd my first ever 'T&T in Space' game yesterday. 7 players, 2 of them adult, 1 of them via skype. I didn't kill anyone but the annoying PC (the skype player) got bagged up and left in an alient spaceship with a bunch of time-delay bombs inside... The players were D&D people but they soon got to grips with T&T-style saving rolls and appreciated that it was less random than with the d20. Everyone nominated a superpower, based on one attribute (we had Power Trip's PSI instead of WIZ) and the PC who could stretch like Reed Richards (a dwarf!) managed to parachute to safety after his escape pod got ruptured by the now-insane Mediborg (taken over by the skype player). The players got to the planet Persephone at the end of 4 hours, a good place to stop.

Saving rolls, magic and combat - that apart, whichever system you play doesn't make so much difference unless you use a rulebook :)

Just read the dT&T update: happy for a longer wait based on what Liz says she's done with magic.

Had a good pyramid-raider game in the week on the Eagle continent and ended up with a new Wizard-God, Kafacaca - hence the thoughts on the last post as to why W-Gs go to sleep and stop dominating the world - i.e. WIZ takes longer and longer to come back the more of it you have and use - a W-G like Andy Holme's Liche-Lord might have WIZ of 980 but spend 900 and you are vulnerable for centuries waiting to get back up to W-G levels (one W-G never can be quite sure what the other is currently packing). Our friend, Kafacaca, conjured a great wall of fire to drive back the king's army: he'd maxed up by sleeping late but blew his wad in a way he hadn't planned so it looks like he's hitting the hay again soon.

Hey ho...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Some Numbers on WIZ Recovery To Account for the Sleeping Habits Of WIzard-Gods

More later (because I have a mountain of work to be done) but before I lose the numerical cohesion:

1 per
10 minutes
6 hours

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Poisoned Chalice

This epic, sprawling Whodunnit of a solo (starts off for a group of 6 actually!) has been available as a book at Lulu for a while now but on 1 September it will race out of the stables before dT&T!

It has a cast of (almost) thoousands of NPCs and is split in to chapters.

Over its period of writing, I had Kopfy, Mad Roy and Jerry T all take a look at parts of it and I nod a nod of thanks most sincerely.

I hope you like it...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How (Not) To Play Dungeons & Dragons


Tunnels And Trolls

The Complete Fantasy Game.
I dug out my Tunnels and Trolls book yesterday (although I forgot to put it in the car) and headed off to Miranda, for what proved to be a most enjoyable day of roleplaying. I played a Hobbit called Clegg the Remarkable, alongside another Hobbit, two Fairies, an Elf and a Wizard. Actually we were mostly spellcasters of one sort or other. Ahmen's character was the only human; Deadly Vapours, a ghostly character barely holding onto existence after an unfortunate magical catastrophe in his Wizardly past.

The only Warrior amongst us was Clegg's cousin, Felen. Upon meeting Clegg she informed him that their entire family had died in a fire. Later this story changed to death by falling cows. Or was that flaming cows? Charlie's character Felen turned out to be a pyromaniac, although she had help keeping this under control.

Gathering at The Jasmine Dragon Tea Rooms, this unlikely party had a Jack and the Beanstalk type adventure that involved all manner of fantasy tropes bent and twisted beyond recognition. A thoroughly delightful day, with Mark Thornton at the helm, an excellent gamemaster and a good friend of Ken St. Andre. It turns out Mark (and his son Charlie), write solo adventures for Tunnels and Trolls.

Obviously with that sort of game mastery, it didn't matter that I'd left my rule book behind! Characters were created with a mix of point buy and dice, resulting in a group of characters that were quick and smart but not particularly tough or strong. Due to the party being low on brawn, some player expertise was required throughout the game - light on combat and heavy on exploration and negotiation. Saving throws were used for the few skirmishes but there was very little in the way of toe-to-toe slug matches that you might experience in a game with more frontline muscle.

Memorable moments include the fairies, Marmaduke and Fay, healing the Elf's head wound. The Elf Gohan had fallen badly through a trap door. Marmaduke applied his 'lucky' first aid talent using straw and bandages with almost fatal effect. Fay then used her 'faith' healing ability and brought Gohan back from the brink. Later the brave Felen killed a charging giant chicken. No mean feat for a Hobbit armed only with a knife! Gohan and the Fairies freed the Giant's wife from a life of servitude and domestic violence while my own character found a magic ring (which can animate bones) and talked the Giant into descending the beanstalk for a cup of tea.

After the game I also played some guitar with Ahmen. All and all a great day with some fine folks!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shark Hunting off Khaghtch'an

Just began Monday by opening a new scene in 'Missing Inaction' - shark hunting. I can see the throwaway line that led to this new avenue to explore giving rise to another dozen paragraphs.

The Friday game saw the cannonballs left undisturbed but the dwarf captain of the barge was forced to turn pirate when the PCs decided to test their strength by taking out the Watch boat when they were stopped for inspection. Not straightaway, true, but it always lurked their as a possibility. A new creature was discovered in the barge's cargo bay - the snook, a large rodent with kangaroo back legs, a leonine head and four arms ending with wicked claws. One PC got the job of 'snook tamer' (and feeder) and has to go into the cage with them once a day. Another PC got the task of cooking a stew for the uruks and ogres making up the crew of Captain Bastart's law boat. Thee players proclaimed it the 'best game ever' so I travelled home at the end of the week tired but well pleased.