Thursday, February 12, 2015

Demonic Meditation

After an extended bout of recording and getting used to hearing my own voice, I have a feeling for making a demon game.

Maybe start with a MR of 10 and no powers and then try to jack up your MR until you can GO SOMEWHERE to pick on mortals and on the way try to pick up demonic powers such as fire spells (if you come from a fiery realm), cause disease, fear and hatred in mortals and so on.

I don't suppose minor demons are born of mothers and fathers - where do they come from? I imagine they get bullied a lot and work as slaves for bigger demons unless they claw their way up the heap or get a lucky break.

Maybe it will land and become a game...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Obscured By Clouds Audio

Back in 2013, I completed the novel of a game I played with Roy Cram and Chet Cox on the Outer Sanctum.

src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"

I read a help article and was told I needed to do the above.

The mp3 files are publicly stored at
so I guess they might be accessible there...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pushing Water Up Hill

Proofreading!!! Who would wish it on anyone?  Well, I've 'done' 30 out of 54 chapters to date and 'done' means reading through carefully and then recording the chapter. I've never tried that before but it really helps picking up errors and pointing to where word order needs to change.

I have a great offer to Beta read and Kamea is listening to the chapters as we go, avid for more.

I've been listening to the Magician series recently; the first three books. It is fiction that uses many different characters as I have done. Coincidence but.... The switching of Point of View Character in that series is probably what has kept me listening. I think I have attempted more humour - hopefully the jokes will not fall flat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

That's Novel

A slow start blog-wise to the New Year but then I've been busy writing.

Today I finished 'Magic City Mayor", an adventure amongst the chaos that is Khaboom,  a sprawling cosmopolitan stew at the heart of the magic-rich Kraken continent. The characters kept popping up and the story wrote itself. There were far too many interested parties for this to be a book about one person - it is a book about a different world.

In true Tolkien style, it ends where it begins, back at the Sullied Trouser Inn where Halla the troll barman lets his customers get out of their skulls. Here are the chapter titles (I aimed for each to be between 1500 and 2000 words):

Chapter One – The Sullied Trouser Inn
Chapter Two – Quill Court
Chapter Three – Wizards’ School
Chapter Four – Barroom Brawl
Chapter Five – Forensic Science
Chapter Six – Four And Twenty Blackbirds
Chapter Seven – Official Business
Chapter Eight – Blind Date
Chapter Nine – Spelling Test
Chapter Ten – The Best Laid Plans
Chapter Eleven – Table Manners
Chapter Twelve – The Tricks Of The Trade
Chapter Thirteen – Suspended Sentence
Chapter Fourteen – Always Expect The Unexpected
Chapter Fifteen – A Garden Party
Chapter Sixteen – A Special Delivery
Chapter Seventeen – Rogues In The House
Chapter Eighteen – Red Roses
Chapter Nineteen – Curiosity Killed The Cat
Chapter Twenty – Slumming It
Chapter Twenty-One – Wheels Of Power
Chapter Twenty-Two – Hot Pursuit
Chapter Twenty-Three – Scrubbing Up
Chapter Twenty-Four – Undergarments
Chapter Twenty-Five – Teacher’s Pet
Chapter Twenty-Six – Disappearing Acts
Chapter Twenty-Seven – Another Mouth To Feed
Chapter Twenty-Eight – The History Of Trollworld By The Wizard Crosshair (an extract) – The Mastery Of Magic
Chapter Twenty-Nine – A Booming Business
Chapter Thirty – Hoodwinked
Chapter Thirty-One – The History Of Trollworld By The Wizard Crosshair (a second extract) – Kith And Kin
Chapter Thirty-Two – A Bug’s Life
Chapter Thirty-Three – Pop!
Chapter Thirty-Four – Snakes In The Grass
Chapter Thirty-Five – A Circuitous Route
Chapter Thirty-Six – The Race Is On
Chapter Thirty-Seven – A Shot In The Dark
Chapter Thirty-Eight – Dealing With Dwarves And Dragons
Chapter Thirty-Nine – No Way Out
Chapter Forty – No Noose Is Good News
Chapter Forty-One – What In Tarnation?
Chapter Forty-Two – Look What’s On The Slab
Chapter Forty-Three – Steady As You Go, Wobbly
Chapter Forty-Four – Building A Powerbase
Chapter Forty-Five – “My Name Is Shoppie – Nice Doing Business With You!”
Chapter Forty-Six – Spellbound
Chapter Forty-Seven – Uprising!
Chapter Forty-Eight – Let It Rock
Chapter Forty-Nine – Tricks Up Their Sleeves
Chapter Fifty – A Hard Bargain
Chapter Fifty-One – Time To Call In A Favour
Chapter Fifty-Two – Snakes And Ladders
Chapter Fifty-Three – Full Circle
Chapter Fifty-Four – Never Caught A Rabbit

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Don't You Eat My Dungeon!

Delvers! They just never do what their meant to...

"Atroll is a troll. He sees a giant octopus in the pool. He reaches into his Pack of Many Things and putls out his Squidjigger--a weapon especially designed for combat with cephalopods, and then attacks the octopus. Once the octopus has been rendered into sushi and devoured, Atroll continues with his plan to walk out to the center of the pool and look around. He may even take a refreshing walk on the bottom of the pool--being a rock troll he is too heavy to swim, but he also doesn't need to breathe under water, so he can completely explore the pool. If there is any more food inside it, Atroll will eat that too."

The sushi is very good indeed and boosts Atroll's CON by a generous 2d6. The pool is no pool at all but a very small part of an ocean. It is very deep here and Atroll sinks down many, many metres. He sees huge, hulking shapes in the distance from time to time but none come close to him. Perhaps they fear him after what he did to the Doctor or perhaps they are just vegetarians.

Atroll could wander off along the seabed or he could try jumping to get back to the island. It would normally take a L10 SR on STR to do this - surely a small step for Atroll although a giant one for mankind - but writhing rubbery weeds are emerging from the seabed to ensnare his ankles. They are remarkably tough and require a STR SR five levels higher to rip apart - still within his compass, one imagines.

As the weeds wrap themselves about his stalwart legs, he feels a strong cold, current coming from his left and catches the strains of a haunting melody carried through the ocean.

He can easily access his PoMT...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Those First Few Steps

1) Atroll goes to walk to the little island but stops when he sees a large octopus in the water; it is clear that it is watching him intently. Does he continue to with his walking plan?

2) Buruk goes over to the instruments. They look first class. Which one does he play?

3) Cogre walks to the window. All he can see behind the glass is a small swarm of busy bees and a dull metal key.

What next?